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Terms of Service for

Welcome to, a website owned and managed by ADMFA Audio LLC (“ADMFA Audio LLC”). This document outlines the terms and conditions that apply when you interact with our website, its content, and any associated services or products (referred to collectively as the "Website"). Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these provisions before using our platform.

Agreement Acceptance:
Engaging with our Website signifies your understanding and agreement to comply with the entirety of these terms and conditions, alongside any other rules, policies, or procedures we might introduce in the future. If you find yourself in disagreement with any aspect of these terms, please refrain from using our Website. Note that this offer and its terms are only available to users who are 13 years of age or older.

Account & Security:
Should you decide to create an account or blog on our Website, the responsibility of ensuring its security and confidentiality falls upon you. Any activities occurring under your account are your responsibility. Misleading descriptions or keywords related to your blog can be adjusted or removed by ADMFA Audio LLC if deemed inappropriate. For any unauthorized access or security breach concerning your account, you should inform ADMFA Audio LLC immediately. We are not accountable for any consequences arising from your negligence or actions.

Content Responsibility:
As a content contributor (e.g., blogger, commenter), you bear full responsibility for your submissions, including any possible repercussions. This applies whether you're sharing text, graphics, audio, or software. When you provide content:

  • Ensure it doesn't violate third-party proprietary rights like copyrights, patents, trademarks, or trade secrets.

  • If your workplace has intellectual property rights to what you produce, ensure you've secured the necessary permissions or waivers.

  • Honor all third-party license agreements associated with your content.

  • Ensure your content is free from malware, viruses, or other harmful components.

  • Your content should not be spam, deceptive, or designed to promote unlawful activities.

  • Refrain from sharing explicit content or content that encourages harm or violence.

  • Do not advertise your blog through unsolicited promotional means.

  • Your blog’s name or URL shouldn’t mislead readers into associating it with other individuals or entities.

  • For content that incorporates computer code, provide accurate descriptions and categorizations.

By sharing content on our Website, you grant ADMFA Audio LLC a global, royalty-free, non-exclusive license, permitting us to adjust, reproduce, and showcase your content for the main purpose of promoting your blog. If you choose to remove content, we will make reasonable attempts to delete it from our Website. However, due to caching or referencing, immediate removal might not be guaranteed.

ADMFA Audio LLC reserves the right to reject or remove content that violates our policies or is considered harmful. We can also restrict or terminate Website access for any user without providing a reason. In such cases, no previous payments will be refunded.

Payment and Renewal

General Terms:
By opting for a product or service, you consent to pay ADMFA Audio LLC the specified one-time and/or recurring subscription fees. Such fees for subscriptions are charged in advance from the day of your upgrade enrollment and are non-refundable.

Automatic Renewal:
Your subscription will renew automatically unless you communicate to ADMFA Audio LLC your intention to cancel before the current subscription term ends. You give us permission to process the then-current subscription fee and any applicable taxes using the payment method we have on file for you. For cancellation, a written request should be submitted to ADMFA Audio LLC.


  • Fees and Payment: By procuring a Services account, you commit to the relevant setup and recurring fees. Billing starts on the day of service initiation. ADMFA Audio LLC may revise the payment conditions and fees with a thirty (30) days advance written notice. You may terminate services with a thirty (30) days written notice.

  • Support: For those with VIP Services, priority email support is available. This means you can seek technical assistance via email, with ADMFA Audio LLC aiming to respond within seven to ten business days. This service takes precedence over the standard/free users. All support adheres to ADMFA Audio LLC's established practices and policies.

User Responsibility: ADMFA Audio LLC does not endorse all the content on its Website and cannot verify its entirety. It's up to you to safeguard against harmful content. Be wary of offensive or erroneous content and any material that might infringe upon rights.

External Content: ADMFA Audio LLC isn't accountable for content on websites linked to/from its platform. Links don't imply endorsement. You're responsible for taking safety measures against malicious web threats.

Copyright Policy: ADMFA Audio LLC respects intellectual property rights. If you think there's a copyright infringement on, notify us following the DMCA Policy. Repeat infringers may face access termination without refund.

Intellectual Property: This Agreement doesn’t transfer any intellectual property rights. All trademarks, graphics, and logos associated with are proprietary to ADMFA Audio LLC or its licensors. Unauthorized reproduction or usage is prohibited.

Advertisements: Your blog might feature ads unless you've opted for an ad-free account.

Attribution: Links such as 'Blog at' or theme credits may appear on your blog.

Partner Products: Using a partner product means you consent to its terms of service. You can opt-out by deactivating the product.

Domain Names: Registering or transferring a domain name implies adherence to ICANN's policies, including their Registration Rights and Responsibilities.

Modifications: ADMFA Audio LLC can alter this Agreement. Regularly review for updates. Engaging with the Website after changes means you accept them. Future services/features will be bound by this Agreement.

Termination. ADMFA Audio LLC reserves the right to terminate or suspend your access to the entirety or sections of the Website, at any moment, for any reason, and without prior notice. If you desire to end this Agreement or your account (should you have one), you're free to cease using the Website. However, if you are a holder of a paid services account, such an account will be terminated by ADMFA Audio LLC only in the event of a significant breach of this Agreement on your part, provided you don’t rectify the breach within a thirty (30) day window following ADMFA Audio LLC’s notification. Exceptions to this would include instances where ADMFA Audio LLC decides to terminate the Website as part of a broader cessation of services. Any clauses in this Agreement that inherently extend beyond its termination will remain in effect, covering but not confined to ownership clauses, warranty disclaimers, indemnity, and limitations on liability.

Disclaimer of Warranties. The Website is delivered to you on an "as-is" basis. ADMFA Audio LLC, along with its suppliers and licensors, expressly renounce all warranties, be they explicit or inferred, comprising but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Neither ADMFA Audio LLC nor its partners offer guarantees that the Website will operate without mistakes or that access will be consistent and seamless. Any content or services you obtain from the Website, whether downloaded or otherwise, are at your own discretion and peril.

Limitation of Liability. Under no scenario shall ADMFA Audio LLC or its suppliers or licensors be held accountable concerning any subject matter of this Agreement, irrespective of the legal or equitable theories, for: (i) any indirect, special, or incidental damages; (ii) expenses for acquiring replacement products or services; (iii) interruptions, data loss, or corruption; or (iv) any amounts surpassing the fees you paid to ADMFA Audio LLC under this Agreement in the preceding twelve (12) month period leading up to the event causing liability. ADMFA Audio LLC will not be held liable for any lags or failures stemming from circumstances beyond their reasonable purview. The aforementioned exclusions shall be void where they conflict with governing law.

General Representation and Warranty. You affirm that: (i) your engagement with the Website will strictly adhere to ADMFA Audio LLC's Privacy Policy, this Agreement, and all pertinent laws and regulations, including local rules in your area about online behavior, content appropriateness, and the relay of tech data exported from the U.S. or your resident country; and (ii) your usage of the Website will not infringe upon or use without authorization the intellectual property rights of a third party.

Indemnification. You commit to defend, indemnify, and absolve ADMFA Audio LLC, its associates, contractors, and licensors, along with their respective boards, officers, staff, and agents from all liabilities, claims, and expenses, inclusive of attorney’s fees, that arise from your use or misuse of the Website or any other training modules, especially your breach of this Agreement.


This Agreement represents the comprehensive agreement between ADMFA Audio LLC and you, pertaining to the discussed subject. Changes to this Agreement can only be made through a documented amendment signed by a duly authorized executive of ADMFA Audio LLC or by ADMFA Audio LLC posting a revised version on the platform.

Except for when and where a specific law overrides, this Agreement and any access to or use of the Website are under the jurisdiction of the laws of the State of Oregon, U.S.A., specifically excluding any conflicts of law. The most appropriate venue for disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be the state and federal courts situated in Harris County, Texas.

For claims surrounding injunctive or equitable relief, or those pertaining to intellectual property rights (which can be initiated in any competent court without the obligation of a bond), any disagreements stemming from this Agreement are to be conclusively resolved following the Comprehensive Arbitration Rules of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Service, Inc. ("JAMS") by a panel of three arbitrators appointed according to these Rules. The arbitration will be held in Houston, Texas, conducted in the English language, and the arbitral decision is enforceable in any appropriate court. The victor in any effort to uphold this Agreement is entitled to both costs and attorneys’ fees.

If any section of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable or invalid, that section will be interpreted to reflect the original intentions of both parties, with all other sections remaining fully enforceable. Any waiver by either party, whether of a term, condition, or breach of this Agreement, does not act as a waiver for any subsequent breaches thereof. 

You hold the right to assign your obligations under this Agreement to any party that agrees to the terms and conditions herein; ADMFA Audio LLC reserves the right to assign its obligations under this Agreement without any conditions. This Agreement is binding and will benefit both the parties and their respective successors and assigns.

Final Note: This agreement sets a foundation for a respectful and secure user experience. Let's work together to maintain the integrity and safety of the community.

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